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The Northern Areas of Pakistan offer a truly captivating and awe-inspiring landscape that leaves visitors breathless. Nestled amidst this picturesque setting are lush green valleys, teeming with fertile land and an abundance of delicious fruits. These valleys owe their prosperity to the springs and glacial streams that cascade down from the majestic snow-capped peaks, creating a spectacle of nature's grandeur. As you traverse the region, the iconic Karakoram Highway and the mighty River Indus accompany you, further enhancing the beauty of your journey.

While exploring this remarkable region, tourists are treated to the mesmerizing sight of towering peaks like Nanga Parbat, standing majestically at an impressive 8,125 meters, and Rakaposhi, reaching an elevation of 7,788 meters. The awe-inspiring views of these magnificent mountains can be enjoyed from the comfort of your vehicle, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in their grandeur.

Often referred to as Shangri-La and paradise, the Northern Areas of Pakistan truly live up to their namesake. The region's natural beauty is so captivating that it feels like stepping into a utopian realm. Whether you are an adventure enthusiast seeking thrilling experiences or a leisurely traveler in search of tranquility, this region offers a unique and unparalleled experience that caters to every individual.

We have curated a well-facilitated itinerary for the highlighted tour, ensuring that tourists can relish the beauty of this remarkable region with ease and comfort. We strive to create a memorable journey that allows you to fully appreciate the wonders that await in this extraordinary part of the world.


DAY 01

Arrival in Pakistan

DAY 02


DAY 03

Islamabad to Chilas

DAY 04


DAY 05


DAY 06

Khaplu – Karimabad (Hunza Valley)

DAY 07

Karimabad – Excursion Khunjerab Pass

DAY 08

Karimabad – Gilgit

DAY 09

Gilgit – Besham

DAY 10

Besham – Islamabad

DAY 11