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Skardu is the main town in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Skardu, the capital of Baltistan, is perched at 2,438 meters above sea level in the backdrop of the great peaks of the Karakorams. Balti people are a mixture of Tibetan and Caucasian stock and speak Balti, an ancient form of Tibetan. Due to the similarity of its culture, lifestyle, and architecture with Tibet, Baltistan is also known as the "Tibet-e-Khurd" (Little Tibet). It borders the Chinese province of Xinjiang and Ladakh. The tourist season is from April to October. The maximum temperature is 27 C and the minimum (October) 8 C. Apart from its incomparable cluster of mountain peaks and glaciers, Baltistan's five valleys, - Shigar, Skardu, Khaplu, Ronda, and Kharmang are noted for their luscious peaches, apricots, apples and pears. 

Day 01 Drive from Rawalpindi/Islamabad to Chilas. Hotel. 

Day 02 Drive to Skardu. Hotel. 

Day 03 Visit Kharpucho Fort, an ancient Skardu fort, and Sadpara Lake.. Hotel. 

Day 04 Visit lower Kachura lake and stay at Shangrila Resort. Hotel. 

Day 05 Drive to Khaplu. Visit Khaplu fort.  Hotel. 

Day 06 Drive to Shigar. Visit Shigar fort. Hotel. 

Day 07 Drive to Deosai. Tent. 

Day 08 Return to Skardu. Hotel. 

Day 09 Drive to Chilas. Hotel. 

Day 10 Drive to Rawalpindi/Islamabad.